I first picked up my fathers Minolta SRT 101 in 1998 and was fascinated by how it worked. It was intoxicating. The way the film advance felt as the sprockets pulled the film into the take up spool, the velvety-smooth motion of the 50mm F0.95 ‘s focus ring as it glided around the lens barrel, and the old leather smell of its hard shell cover all are embedded in my sense memory to this day.

That camera is where it all started for me. I started learning photography at the dawn of the digital era and could always be found with some second hand camera photographing anything and everything. Things haven’t changed all that much. Today I’m a commercial photographer who has chosen to specialize in People, Products, and Places.

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Portraits? Corporate or Acting head shots? Engagement session? Weddings? Don’t worry we’ can do it all!



In today’s economy online sales are almost critical to a products success. With nearly four years of commercial studio experience we’ll help you put together exactly what you need to sell or promote your product.

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Capturing scenic images was one of my first loves as a photographer. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful the world around us is in the day-to-day hustle. These are a way to stop and remember that the world around us is amazing and a reminder to stop and look around ourselves to take it in.