In our present media age connecting to your audience has never been a more achievable task. The trick is knowing how to do and and which medium will get you there. Since graduating college I’ve spent the last six years working in the corporate space in multiple capacities all revolving around production. One thing I’ve learned is that if you want to say something directly to your target audience, that is done best through video content. There is something about the face to face interaction that feels personal and can be extremely compelling. I’ve produced content for several different types of companies and organizations ranging from charitable fundraising to the corporate promotional space. Here’s some of that work.


Giving back to the world around us is one of the core values we operate under. I think its our responsibility to help make the world around us a better place in whatever ways we are each capable of doing.

Promotional or advertising materials is one of my favorite categories of video work. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity in this category of work. No two projects are alike and each client brings a unique and interesting set of challenges.

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While weddings are not one of my larger sources of work being apart of these life-changing moments is always humbling. From beginning to end the process is always special and a treat to be a part of. I love getting the opportunity to capture the intimate moments that make up a wedding day and crafting a video that channels the couples personality and charm that they can remember for a lifetime.

YouTube is my most recent endeavor in the video world. Vlogging and sharing parts of my personal day has been a uniquely stretching and challenging project. There is something motivating and energizing about publishing content on this platform for the world to see. I do my best to upload bi-weekly when I am able and the content spans vlogging, travel, and the world of digital imaging.