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Along came a moose

A moose.
Actually it was two.
And it was awesome.

My wife and I took our first vacation , other than our honeymoon, in 3 and a half years. Our good friend Patrick works for an architecture firm in Ogden , Utah so we road tripped out to visit him.  For the over-night portion of our trip we got the chance to hike into the Wasatch Range to camp at White Pines Lake. 

On the way in we saw our first moose, just standing there in the middle of the road. Now. Fun-fact time. It has been a dream of mine for the past ten years of traveling and camping to see a moose in the wild. So as we came around the corner I darn near squealed with glee. Sadly my camera was stashed away in my pack and the young bull retreated before anyone could get a photo. 

The last evening in camp I set up to capture the beauty around us. The clouds had plagued me all day, even getting a shower on our decent from the mountainside. But as I settled in for the waiting game the cloud cover broke and I was able to capture this moment. The second moose came up on the far bank of the lake just prior to my getting this shot. He even started coming around to the tree line on the left!